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2013 Cougar Football Recognition


Star Ledger
All-Somerset Offense
 1st Team Josh Lipowski
 2nd Team Chris Chugunov
 3rd Team Jake Jakubski
All-Somerset Defense
 1st Team Brian Flood
 2nd Team Jake Bobal
Max Shisler
 3rd Team Ryan Sohmer
All-Conference Offense
 1st Team Chris Chugunov
Brian Flood
Josh Lipowski
 2nd Team
Tyler Farinaro
Jake Jakubski
All-Conference Defense
 1st Team Jake Bobal
 2nd Team
Ryan Sohmer
Max Shisler
All-Conference Honorable Mention:
Jabari Clemons
Mitch Chugunov
Jared Reinson
Courier News
All-Area Defense
3rd Team Jake Bobal
All-Area Offense
 1st Team Josh Lipowski
Brian Flood
3rd Team Chris Chugunov
 Honorable Mention
Tyler Farinaro
Jake Jakubski
Ryan Sohmer
Max Shisler
Princeton Packet
 Receiver Jabari Clemons
 Line Tyler Farinaro
 Line Josh Lipowski
 Kicker Brian Flood
 Line Jared Reinson
 Line Jake Bobal
 Linebacker Ryan Sohmer
 Back Josh Reinson
Trenton Times
 All-Area Offense Josh Lipowski


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